Ladies of Copblock 2014 Calendar: This coming year is looking especially good!

(From Jesse – ) I am in the process of getting personal interviews with the founder of Baltimore, MD Cop Block and the originating Lady for the Ladies of Cop Block 2014 Calendar as well as a couple of the ladies. So stay tuned and definitely check out the kickstarter and help them out!

From the campaign itself,

Lauryn Faulkner, founder of Baltimore, MD Cop Block is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the Ladies of Cop Block 2014 Calendar along with 11 other female Cop Blockers:

  • MK Lords
  • Amanda BillyRock
  • Lindsey Lindhag
  • Janel Florez
  • Toni Bones
  • Bryanne Bathroy
  • Katie Voluntaryist Testa
  • Kate Ager
  • Alma Sommer
  • Kristen Meghan
  • Meg McLain

Lauryn has been working closely with Janel since the end of August on organizing, seeking out, and bringing together 12 solid Cop Blocking activists to take part in the project. It has seemed a long, arduous endeavor, but with the hard work and cooperation of all involved we are finally ready to launch. Leave it up to the multi-tasking of women to be able to put together a nation wide project in a matter of weeks! The more donations we receive, the cheaper the wholesale price of the calendar, and the less expensive the final pricing will be. We are counting on the help of the Cop Block family and communities to support us with the first run of the calendar, which will be ready before Christmas (perfect gift idea!)  Go to the Ladies of Cop Block Facebook page to check out what kind of surprises are included in our rewards. We look forward to putting out a quality product for you to enjoy all year long. And if all goes well we will start working on a Ladies of Cop Block Calendar for 2015.

Contingency plans are in place! We have back up girls lined up in case someone cannot fulfill their Cop Block ladies obligation. Two vendors are on point in case our initial partner can’t come through with printing. We have people lined up to give us back up graphic designs and our shipping company is locally owned and experienced. In case of delay, we’ll let you know immediately and you can stay tuned, right along with us at the Ladies of Cop Block Facebook page, where we’ll make updates throughout our progress.


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