Disaster Survival

Always have magazines, like ten per firearm- I have a couple FEG PA63’s with springs switched, they run like well polished Walther PPK’s and I have plenty of ammo for each- sadly cannot find spare magazines so am stuck with two per!

arrrgggg Eh, they are back up firearms-

All my glocks have 10 + mags per – as do all other firearms except the bolt guns…and I have ammo belts and solid practice for those…


Very few of us will have to deal with surviving a plane crash or surviving a ship sinking or being attacked by hordes of flesh eating zombies; however many of us may have to face more routine survival scenarios such as extended power outages due to storms, etc.  Are you prepared if you have no power for 10 to 20 days?  The following are some considerations for disaster survival that are important to be aware of.

  • Have a workable, realistic survival plan and follow that plan.
  • Have a sufficient quantity of food and water on hand.  3 months worth per person set aside is a good target goal.  Don’t forget to have extra food available for your pets.
  • Have a sufficient quantity of firearms, mags and ammo as needed for defensive purposes.
  • Have a workable generator, proper wiring to run the whole house from the generator and sufficient quantities of safely stored fuel…

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