Family of Home Invader Killed by Homeowner Says He Was “No Criminal, Just Trying to Make Ends Meet”

Amazing, stealing and hurting other people IS NOT making ends meet, it is wrong- good for the homeowner.

Sheeple: People unable to think for themselves


Let’s add it to the list of things not to bring to a gunfight – brass knuckles.

The family of 44-year-old Christopher Dennison is speaking out after he was killed by a homeowner whose home he broke into.

According to WGME,

“He didn’t deserve to die,” said his wife Cherie Thibault. “I know he shouldn’t have did what he did, but he did it for us.”

They say Dennison wasn’t there to kill anyone or steal anything, he was simply hired by a third party to go scare or beat up the homeowner to get him to pay an outstanding debt. Yeah. That’s all.

Also from WGME,

“This guy approached him on going to scare, possibly beat, up, not kill somebody, and he would pay him, and pay him quite a bit of money,” she explained. “I know it’s not legal, it’s not right”

When Dennison went to the…

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