82-Year-Old Oregon Man Defends Himself, His Wife and His Home by Shooting Home Invader

Good for him self defense is ESSENTIAL!

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This story continues a week of numerous self defense stories involving the elderly leveling the playing field against much young, much more violent assailants.

In this case an 82 year old man from Salem, OR used a handgun to protect himself and his elderly wife from a home invader.

John and Mamie Rose, both in their 80′s, were in their home when a man tried to break in around 6:00am on Tuesday.

Fortunately, John was able to arm himself and shot the suspect as he entered the home.

The suspect was transported to an area hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound.

The suspect is expected to survive. Police have no yet identified the suspect, but have said he will be charged with burglary and trespassing charges according to KATU.

The suspect may have been under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

This is only the 15th defensive gun use…

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