The Bible and the Sex Industry – Part 18 – The New Testament and the Sex Industry

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Looking back at the New Testament we can see a couple very important things.

Firstly, we see Jesus did not allow a woman’s sexual past to interfere with showing her mercy or giving her the same respect as any other person.  He does not seem to have the idea in his head that if a person has a sexual past that is outside of marriage that this somehow lessens their value as human beings or makes it so they cannot receive salvation.  He does ask every woman he directly confronts to go and sin no more but the past is not a deterrent to a prostitute finding salvation.

Jesus also speak to the issue of lust an celibacy.  Jesus focuses on the heart of the person who lusts not on the object of that lust.  Jesus says nothing about women being the cause of lust in men or visa versa, His focus…

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