Barber donating pay during shutdown | The Sierra Vista Herald

As much as I detest everything about the government and especially Barber and his anti gun cronies, I must say this move while politically motivated shows he may have some humanity after all. What is truly ludicrous is that he is paid more in a day then most people now see in a week, and worse, he like all the others has massive staffs of people doing all the real work. UGGGG!

SIERRA VISTA — The first checks donated to charities, two-days of pay from Democratic U.S. Rep. Ron Barber, have gone to six charities, two in Cochise County.

Barber, who promised he would forego his pay while the federal government is shut down selected Sierra Vista’s Good Neighbor Alliance on Tuesday and the Southern Arizona Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery Foundation, also in Sierra Visa, on Wednesday.

Barber spokesman Mark Kimble said each check is a little more than $158, and each day the government remains closed, Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District congressman will pick three additional charities to receive the funds.

This will include weekends, Kimble added.

Kathy Calabrese, the executive director of GNA said, “It was very nice to be selected in the first group.”

But, she quickly added, “I wish the government didn’t have to have to furlough anyone. It’s sad what’s happening. I wish there was no government shutdown.”

Earl Devine, a founding member of the foundation and a current board member, said the money is enough to buy a paving brick to be placed at the entrance to the planned chapel on the state-operated veterans’ cemetery, for which funds are being raised.

Barber donating pay during shutdown | The Sierra Vista Herald.


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