Defensive Considerations for Irregular Forces | MountainGuerrilla

Posted: September 13, 2013 by Jesse Voluntaryist Mathewson in Prepping, Self Defense, Survival, Voluntaryism
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This is very solid information, something to consider and understand. I highly recommend the classes he gives if you can physically attend or have the money. It would be money well spent, based on feedback from several I trust. This is essential material!IMG_8039

From J.M.

“(the following article was originally posted 25APR12, on the old site. It has been edited–J.M.)

Irregular force operations should be inherently offensive in nature. Defensive operations by guerrilla forces should be the exception that proves the rule. Whether the goal of such an operation is to protect the personnel and physical infrastructure of a widely dispersed guerrilla base in the mountains, a rural farming community that provides foodstuffs for the logistical support of the resistance, or an individual survival retreat homestead, the old cliche that the best defense is a good offense holds true.EDC

Nevertheless, defensive protective operations may be critical to support and/or facilitate further offensive efforts, as well as to prevent enemy penetration of locally-controlled territory and destruction of critical support infrastructure. Defensive operations are conducted to resist, defeat, or destroy an enemy assault only in order to facilitate follow-on offensive actions. Otherwise, the resistance element should always choose to evade contact with an attacking enemy force, choosing to fight on their own terms instead.”

The rest is available on his site-

Defensive Considerations for Irregular Forces | MountainGuerrilla.



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