17 comments on “The myth of the American hero in uniform

  1. I think for many, simply hearing thoughts like this put to paper is enough to crack the facades that have been erected by propaganda and indoctrination. You might not change people’s minds instantly but over time the facades will crumble. Good stuff.

  2. Reblogged this on Jesse Talks Back and commented:

    Thank you readers for the positive feedback in email and comment, writing these always brings a small sense of dread. It is good to know others can and do appreciate them!

  3. this group has taken your photo and some of your wording ,twisted it to suit their love for hate . please visit this site and you will see what they have done with your photo . http://www.facebook.com/antimilitarism
    Although every person is entitled to their own opinion ,these people have taken your post and made it their own in so many ways. I am not pleased with the photo either way but for that site to change it ,photo shop it, it just as sad as the photo. Isn’t their a law about that?

  4. May I use some of your thoughts? I seem them fitting in a way. I do have some family in the service . I appreciate what they do ,I worry about them daily, but it is their choice,they just got out of school,no jobs in the area, so that as what they want and continue to do. They have to pay out of pocket for housing ,food ,….I know of subject. I would like your permission to use some of your words before , I just take them . You also have my permission to read my page and see that I have not and will not change them to suit my site. I will wait for your answer before using some of your words.

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