EDC carry knife review and suggestions

Individuals should always choose what works best for them when looking at EDC (every day carry) choices. Knives, firearms, knuckledusters, saps, billy clubs and more can be carried for purposes of self defense.

Around the world restrictions on self defense and tools to be carried, are put in place regularly by the mobs in control. If you care about what they say or what their enforcers may say, this can be a major stumbling block in effective self defense. After all, most humans simply do not have the willpower or time necessary to invest in long term empty hands training.

Women are especially predicated towards using knives. The natural responses of women when threatened is to swipe with their hands, place a blade in those hands and you have loss of blood and another woman safe. Remember, this is not a bad thing, embrace the idea that you need to defend or consider defending yourself. No one else can do it for you, not every second of every day!

Liberty Practical Training has a wonderful program that takes less then a week to understand and through regular practice individually or with others can be easily mastered. Now, the knives themselves are amazing tools for self defense. No one likes to be cut, stabbed or otherwise hurt with a knife. A word of warning before continuing, knives used in combat are not pretty. The wounds affected by these tools are almost always grotesque and when applied precisely quite deadly.

Pocket knives can be carried almost everywhere in the world, depending on length and type. For myself the Benchmade cqc7 Emerson designed folder with a partially serrated edge is amazing. CRKT or Columbia River Knife and Tool company makes a wonderful series that is considerably smaller then the Benchmade cqc7 however, it is a strong, well made knife regardless. This series is the M16 series.

Either of these two knives is always on my person and sometimes both. They work for basic projects, food preperation and defense. Sharpened well these knives retain their edge and generally only need an occassional light tune up or session with a strop and rouge. Over a decade I have used and sometimes abused the Benchmade and it has taken all I throw at it and never complained. The CRKT is rapidly closing with it as a solid stand in.

The only con I see with either is the serrations, for people who do not know how to properly sharpen a blade, serrations are a wonderful thing to have. However, I have over the years found them more hassel than benefit sadly. I much prefer a straight well sharpened edge now as it will almost always work better for more in the long run.

I live in the high desert of Arizona, cutting tough wood, making firesticks, ropes and simply dirt itself has not stopped either of the above two knives. Additionally if you care for them well, using Ballistol to clean and lubricate them regularly they will continue to function for many years. The Opinel series is also quite well made. I have yet to break one though I have not abused them fully yet.

Now, my suggestions, I have occassionally recommended certain Gerber tools, however, after extensive testing their in house knives are really not worth buying. They have substandard steels compared to similarly priced knives from CRKT or even Kershaw. Additionally their attention to detail has become quite ridiculous, especially in folding knives. The only product I still back of theirs is the Machete, however, it is actually a Fiskar blade which lends to its insanely long lasting and extreme cutting ability. However, it is pocket or EDC knives of which I speak.

If you can carry a decent non folding blade do so, I prefer carrying a few of those so wont get into this as again folding knives, pocket knives are what I want to talk about. I would say based solely on my experience that the following knife companies are worth looking at as builders for carry knives. Ontario knife works, CRKT, Kershaw, Benchmade, Schrade, Buck and Opinel.

If you have any questions, please comment below.

Free the mind and the body will follow

Two preps you probably havent considered

Everyone wants to think that everything they have spent hard earned money on will save them when push comes to shove. The simple fact is, you can never be too ready and you will never be prepared for everything that may happen.

So what two preps do I believe are extremely important and almost entirely neglected by a large percentage of preppers.
1. Sandbags
2. Rolled barbed wire
Yes, that simple. And yet, I bet you dont have them. If you do, than you are a thinker and likely quite advanced or experienced in this area.

Why do you need these two invaluable preps? Simple, in a hammer down situation is your modern suburban home really going to provide reasonable security? Wouldn’t you feel better with barbed wire coiled along your property line to at least slow threats down? What about sandbags placed in windows and below windows to provide secure areas for keeping an eye on things? (Use your imagination and get some solid rifle training) You can also use sandbags to add security to your entry points, 4′ high in front of entryways on the inside would make it difficult to enter successfully.

So how do you use these preps properly? It is simple really, buy good polyester sandbags, I prefer the white ones, they will last longer in the sunlight. A short shovel, get a good one not a collapsible piece of junk that some military paid bottom dollar for, get one with a solid handle and steel fittings. Fill the bags half to 3/4’s full, never more. Use soil or sand, try to avoid using rocky soil, you need them to settle well and rocks prevent that. Roll, tie and use them like bricks and stack in rows and offset next row to cover split. They will settle quite well and will provide very solid cover from most small arms and even shrapnel, small explosions. You can sew them shut if you have time but this is unnecessary really. In the high desert of Arizona you can find the perfect soil around 6-10 inches down pretty much anywhere.

As for barbed wire, a solid pair of wire cutters, heavy leather gloves and an understanding of human behavior will help you set up what you need where you need it. Remember build it to prevent others from easily engaging and to funnel them where you have the advantage. This works for animals as well. Be smart, be safe and remember this is for your families survival and yours.

So, what do you think? Make sense? These are really inexpensive preps and easily stored, empty, the bags (several hundred) can be stored in a relatively small area. The wire comes in tightly wrapped coils and is also easy to store. Remember, prepping is really just understanding that you alone are capable of saving yourself in the end. Put the odds in your favor, make life easier and learn to enjoy being ready!

Free the mind and the body will follow.


- I have not taken pictures this time around, apologies-

The Most Often Forgotten Survival Preparations

This is great information, and I cant deny the efficacy of the choices…however, watch for the article tomorrow and see the two preps most people forget…simply because they dont consider the need


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Fireside Philosophy – 3 things that are changing …: http://youtu.be/xI0_IIM2Uhs

Long term ammunition storage

Everyone loves their mil surp green 5.56 or 7.62 or 50 caliber ammunition boxes. I certainly do, however, they are heavy and almost always priced extremely high these days.

Less than six years ago you could grab good ones, full non hardened seals and clean interiors. These days youll be lucky to get them for three times the price at half the value. They are almost always dirt stained, rusting in places with worn out seals. So how do you promote good storage etiquette and do so for less?

Try an inexpensive long term food storage approach. Buy dessicants in bulk, I prefer 5-10 gram sizes and purchase bulk on Amazon. Purchase one gallon sized mylar storage bags and the same quantity or slightly more one quart food storage bags. Add one permenant black marker and a sharp knife (use an Opinel as reviewed here) and you are set. Now time to find ammunition. Ammoseek online is a great resource that allows you too locate good pricing, better shipping terms and available ammunition!

Within two to four days from order date you will have the ammo you need and can begin storage preps. Place two or more boxes or loose ammo in the clear food storage bag, leave 3 inches minimum for ease of sealing and make sure you put a minimum of two 5 gram dessicant packs in the bag as well. Seal and vaccum the oxygen out following manufacturer directions depending on the unit you have. Place this bag inside the mylar storage bag and again seal it. You may find that unless you have an industrial strength unit these bags retain oxygen. Dont worry, remember the first bag is sealed properly this bag is just to prevent excess UV and other potential hazards from causing havic on your stores.

Now label the bag using the permanent marker and stack as needed or desired wherever you wish. Ammunition really is safe unless subjected to extremely high temperatures or concussion. Both things occurring would almost surely result in your demise regardless.

Enjoy your ammunition for decades to come as a result.

Free the mind and the body will follow.