The Unchanging Human: Why humanity will go extinct within the next millennium

This is a serious piece, based on observational sociology and and a reduced study of history from the standpoint of an individual who long ago stopped truly interacting with humanity. Humans are mammals, species homo sapiens. The defining characteristics of homo sapiens are quite simple, we have opposable thumbs and the ability to reason. Obviously, I am being brief with this as there are entire series of books that have been written defining humans versus the other life species residing on this planet.

As the object of this short essay is to show why and how humans will go extinct within the next 1000 years some definitions will be avoided or if necessary the reader will be assumed to understand common definitions. Obviously, an assumption of this magnitude is to assume individual intellect exists for those reading this. I understand that I am overreaching in this regards and this will also play into the reasoning for the time line of humanities extinction.

Simplest is the reason why humans will be extinct. They as a species are incapable of change rapid enough to allow for adjustment to an ever changing natural habitat. Rather we have relied on our ability to combine the opposable thumb with our reasoning to formulate ever more substantially delicate and intricate means of subjugating our surroundings. As a result of doing this, however, homo sapians or modern humans have in fact signed their own death warrants. This planet is as much a living entity as is any other energy based life form. As all matter in our universe is based on a simple principle of energy and the inability to either destroy or create this we are as a species by not allowing ourselves to adapt to what surrounds us effectively ensuring our demise. Energy that remains static will eventually be redistributed as a result of separation of that same energy or it will simply disassociate and reassemble in another form.

Humans by remaining virtually static in our evolutionary patterns thanks to our ever increasing reliance on gadgets versus incorporation of these gadgets into our evolution are ensuring our demise as a species. To continue on as a species we would need to ensure that at least 1% of the viable population of the human race is capable of rapid transitions with regards to their environments and or technological advancements. To do this we need less than .015% of the population of the world today to pass on this knowledge and desire to do so beginning now. Once the currently placed power structures begin to dissolve it will be up too that percentage to utilize their changing abilities and advanced reasoning to ensure they remain extinct and that we begin with a new approach to life. A life with purpose.

Regardless ones belief in the myth based deity of their choice there will always remain a segment of humanity that will by default be incapable of adjustment to environmental, ecological etc., these humans must be allowed to expire naturally. It is not humane to retain life that drags all life down, this does not by default mean that physical disabilities, mental disabilities and or emotional disabilities as commonly defined are bad. Rather that those who cannot adjust to changing conditions on their own should not be helped. There is a pure cold logical base to this approach, obviously, it is not something most humans will accept or promote. Which is why this article is only for the very small percentage that both understands and embraces the approach.

Unless this is done the simple natural ecological shifts that will and always have occurred on this planet will result in billions dead, add to that the odd viral or bacteriological issue with the regular natural disasters that occur and humanity will have effectively decimated itself in under 1000 years. Over the next 50 years the American Southwest will experience major drought and loss of easily obtained supplies of water, this alone will cause massive rioting and deaths. Added to this is the current reliance on a extremely slowly renewable resource versus advancements of use of basically unlimited energy sources will add to the additional slaughter due to military campaigns. Shifting myth based religions strengths will also result in additional loss of life. However, the greatest threat to the human species itself is its complete and utter inability to adjust rapidly with changes occurring.



Sometimes making a statement and asking for feedback is better than simply reciting 1000 various researched subjects. All I ask before you respond is that you do so by first thinking about what it is and why it is that you are planning on responding with.

Free the mind and the body will follow.


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I agree fully, having seen the effects of lack thereof myself in shooting. If you ever have a shot further out then 700 yards, the other factors may come into play, however, from experience (hitting running jackrabbits from a small hill at 500+ yards with a mkIV enfield .303) its the wind, bullet size and load used. Nothing practice regularly wont help make second nature.

Thanks to my father, a fellow marksman from whom I learned much of my instinctive shooting from, for the article.

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I have always enjoyed Jeff from, he was doing reviews long before many others. I love his attitude and his approach. Long live the South!

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I agree with the drill, though I still teach one approach. Shoot until they go down. Aim for joints that once broken reduce their ability for motion.

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