Arrgg matey: Why being a pirate is better

Two new shows that espouse the very idea of free individuals fighting against the encroachment of the state are currently being shown on television. Black Sails and Crossbones. In Crossbones the genius John Malkovich plays Edward Teach otherwise known as Blackbeard. In Black Sails, which amazingly started as a youtube only show, the cast is relatively unknown yet engaging. skull+and+crossbones

Both shows are available via Pirate Bay or via any number of non network outlets for small amounts of money. Over the past week I have perused both shows and found that while there is the typical bloodletting that accompanies most modern television of this nature the core beliefs are quite simple. England and its overreaching monarchy are evil and the pirates for want of freedom, real freedom are sometimes just as bad.

It is important to understand that while I believe in freedom of the individual I do not embrace the any means necessary approach to this ideal. Rather, I would suggest that in all things one maintain the non aggression principle, acting in defense when necessary and never in aggression. This being said the state by default is in all things the aggressor. As a direct result of this simple fact, any action taken against the machinations of the state becomes defense.

Bill Buppert hard at work behind his masters

Bill Buppert hard at work behind his masters

How does this apply to acts of violence against the agents of the state? Simply put, each human is an individual. Each human is capable of change for the positive or negative. To attack all agents of the state haphazardly is to go against the non aggression principle. Rather, one should approach the agents of the state individually. For example, attacking a mail man simply because they wear a uniform and are paid in stolen money helps no one. However, launching a strike against a fully armed SWAT/SRT team prior to their attack on another individual can be beneficial. wpid-img_13392751342773.jpeg

Understand that I can in no way tell another individual what they should do. Rather, I can only tell you what I may do depending on circumstances surrounding the event as it arrives. There are some who believe that we should work within the system to assist in its demise, these individuals are lazy and cowards. Every action by someone who is aware of the evil perpetrated within the system is evil by default. There is no benefit except to the individual compromising their own beliefs through their actions within the system for money stolen from others.

Rather, engage in opportunities presented to take back that which has been stolen or in bankrupting the mechanisms of the state, without contributing for its benefit. I have known individuals, some who still work daily, who pay lip service to the fight against the state, while remaining employed in jobs that directly contribute to its continued existence. These individuals are lazy, cowardly and without a true moral compass. They are worse then those who work for the state and do not yet understand the evil they do. They are worse because they understand what evil exists and is promoted through the state itself while remaining in its direct employ and contributing their labor directly to the benefit of the state. wpid-img_13459069244384.jpeg

I would that all individuals who understand what the state is and what freedom is become pirates. Whether it be the wilful trade of non state approved produce with others or the direct subversion of its laws through black market trade. Each of us should at all times engage in those actions which further cause harm to the state itself while avoiding harm to individuals who are not yet aware of the evil they do.

What say you?

Free the mind and the body will follow

Jackalope Freedom Festival 2014: A look back

“Let us first be as simple and well as Nature ourselves, dispel the clouds which hang over our brows, and take up a little life into our pores. Do not stay to be an overseer of the poor, but endeavor to become one of the worthies of the world.” – Henry David Thoreau

This year at Jackalope Freedom Festival we were the recipients of several wonderful downpours and much philosophical and physical libation. Many of the individuals attending brought their wonderful mini-me’s and several others were expecting to add to the mixture by next year.

My daughter attended with me this year as did my brother from another mother. Both had a wonderful time and made many new friends while exploring the beauty surrounding us. Mountains, trees and rain tends promote a closeness that is rarely found in urban surroundings. From the moment we arrived till the last second of being, all of us were quite happy. My daughter made it a point to let me know that she could live up there with her new found friends and be very happy doing so.

Several new faces to Jackalope made their appearances as well. Among those attending were Drew Sample of The Sample Hour, Michael Shanklin creator of Voluntary Virtues Network and VVN on You Tube,  Robert Kruger from Voluntary Virtues Network, Ernest Hancock creator of Freedoms Phoenix and of course our own Alma without whose hard work the idea of Jackalope would still be an just an idea. A wonderful round table discussion was hosted Saturday night by Robert Kruger and we should be able to view it soon on You Tube via the Voluntary Virtues Network.

Many agorists and freedom lovers had fresh vegetables, hand raised meats, raw milk and other delectables.A pig was brought, slaughtered and roasted over an open fire. No one got sick and everyone enjoyed a fresh, hand raised and cooked pig. My daughter had many questions regarding the openly displayed educational opportunity and once these were answered was quite enthralled with the idea that she could eat the pig just a few hours after it had been eating her left overs.

We were even graced with the presence of many of our freedom loving brothers and sisters from California, Libertopia volunteers and organizers. Myself and a few others put together a nice little bar and poker game which I am sure will draw many more next year though this year unfortunately ended with a net monetary loss. This aside the gains made with new friendships and wonderful interactions with others made up for this in very satisfactorily.

Overall a wonderful time was had and amazingly there were no murders, rapes or violent crimes. In fact there was no theft and amazingly, even the children sought to interact on a voluntary basis with each other. This festival is a wonderful example of voluntary interaction between individuals whose only goal is to live free of external threats from those who would enslave us for our monetary and physical possessions. Many if not most of the attendees were openly armed and amazingly safe, unlike other events where individuals acted in stupid ways with their tools, our attendees understood the need for safety. (Thank you all for this)

I personally am planning on going up Thursday next year and making it another full day of interaction. I hope to be joined with even more individuals who desire only to be and act freely with one another. If you are able to join us next year I am sure you will see that not only is voluntary interaction possible, this particular event personifies the very idea of true freedom.

I am able to tell those who ask what examples exist of voluntary living on a community scale, come to Jackalope and see for yourself. So thank you to all who attended and contributed and hope to see you all next year.


Free the mind and the body will follow.

This is a call for EMERGENCY assistance: Idabel, Oklahoma

This is an emergency call out of liberty and freedom lovers and those who live the free life in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. Please assist as you can.

I just received word that one of my very good friends, I consider them family has been ejected from their home due to undisclosed familial reasons. Needless to say they are in a relatively bad spot at the moment, this being a non pay week and as with most of we free individuals in this country a week to week or month to month income is about as good as it gets.

This individual is much like myself and many of those I know, physically a shell of what we once were. However, as an individual and human they are wonderful and helpful. So I am going to give the location and request that someone within 2 hours of here please assist this person today.

Idabel, Oklahoma is a small town approximately an hour from Texarkana which as most southerners know is the unofficial hub between Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. If you are within a short drive or able to assist in any other way please contact myself via email at

For the map geeks, 33°53′47″N 94°49′45″W  Yes these are the coordinates to the town. A simple click gets you there.

If you would like to contribute to a short term fund to get them transported to another location or even a motel for a few nights let me know as well.

  1. is the paypal- make sure you put an explanation as to what it is for. (ie idabel oklahoma- )
  2. Send bitcoin here with a followup email and last four digits of the address sent from.

    Send bitcoin here with a followup email and last four digits of the address sent from.










If you need additional information or would like to speak to this individual again contact me directly and I will share their contact info.

Again this is an emergency call out of liberty and freedom lovers and those who live the free life in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. Please assist as you can.

We are all strangers to someone at some point, and I can appreciate that, however, at some point we should start doing the things we talk about. This is a wonderful chance to prove to ourselves that what we talk about means something.

Thank you in advance if you choose to help.

Free the mind and the body will follow.

Anti-uniform/cop training: Being prepared introduction to series

Last October I published a nicely written guide to understanding what the OODA loop is.

Observe, Orient, Decide and Act: Applying science to self defense

In that article I went over some basics with regards to understanding the science behind its application as a principle. If one hopes to cause the trained monkeys that wear any combination of uniform or badges to hesitate and lose focus; what I am about to say should be made yours. wpid-img_13392751342773.jpeg

This is part one, the entire focus of this article will be on the extension of ones perimeter. Most humans living in the USA do not live in tribes or even family groups any more. This means our ability to defend against active incursions from heavily armed and armoured targets is reliant on our ability to prevent said incursion or at the very least cause it to lose momentum and concentration. We also rarely practice or even discuss the very real possibility of an incursion whether from non government criminals or government criminals.

Eastern Kentucky University criminologist Peter Kraska, a widely cited expert on the “militarization” of domestic police departments, estimates that the number of SWAT team deployments has jumped from 3,000 a year in the early 1980s to more than 40,000 a year by the early 2000s.” Balko, 2006

This means over 109 raids occur every day with heavily armed military styled unit’s spearheading them. In a country with over 132,802,859 homes (per the census Bureau), these numbers mean that someone in your neighbourhood is being raided every week, possibly every day. As we know the governments of the world are quite good at recording whatever makes them look good and doing so with great precision. What they do not do is record the negative fallout or mistaken identifications resulting in deaths or dismemberment of innocents.

Violent non state based crime is also occurring and in most areas rapidly increasing. While many government studies show minor drops over a year or two the fact remains that over the past few decades violent crime perpetrated against individuals by other individuals has been rising. Home invasions occur in some areas with such regularity that many people are resigned to the fact that they will likely see one occur soon. Every area has its set of rules which may or may not allow the legal use of firearms or even knives for defense. Some areas do not allow any type of defense of self or home. wpid-img_13491533660889.jpeg

This leaves the individual with a very easily defined choice, regardless laws. Are you someone who is willing to defend your family regardless an overreaching governments laws or even against the government. Or are you the individual who would rather bow down to whomever claims to be in charge and does not care for your family?

What I am about to show you over the course of the next few articles including this one are ways to defend yourself. To prevent people from getting to us. To slow them down enough to get away safely or to have local support arrive. I long ago decided I was not the cowardly person who simply talks. Rather I have dedicated my life to assisting others in securing theirs from others. My actions are selfish, I feel good helping others. However, my selfish actions are also honourable, tested and easily put into practice.

Unlike many who have written books and speak regularly I test every principle, approach and item I promote. I do not base any of the approaches looked at on anything other than the desire for facts, reality and non government approaches. The approaches I offer you will rarely cost more than $500 in up front money. Yes, much of what I do is low budget. After all, I dont work for the government like many womanly men continue to do.

The next article will be posted within a few days, it specifically address’s extension of perimeter and being able to see and hear what a unit would as a single or couple in a house. Its time folks, time to put your feet down and stop allowing yourselves to be caged for non violent victimless crimes.


Free the mind and the body will follow.

Balko, Radley (2006) No SWAT, CATO institute