Fighting knife basics: Surviving

Engaging in a knife fight regardless your level of skill ensures one thing, you will get cut. You will bleed, quite a bit. A knife fight is about survival, it is not about winning or engaging in hollywood special affects. You will need to use your head have solid balance and be capable of precise strikes with the knife you have.

There are hundreds of laws in every state in the United States and every country, just make sure you understand the laws if that sort of thing matters to you. For some understanding these laws is essential especially in places like New York City where the badged bullies can grab you for walking down the street and frisk you. In cases like this a knife like an Opinel which locks shut is your best bet as it does not allow quick opening of the blade. If you are someone like myself I will avoid cops at all costs. Of course this doesnt mean I never engage with them. However, where I live there are very few rules regarding knives and in fact most police never flinch if someone is carrying one be it on the belt or in the pocket. After all if someone is carrying a knife they likely also have a firearm and for most police the firearm is the more dangerous of the two.

Do not throw your knife, always maintain a solid grip on it. The butt of the handle should be solidly against the palm of your hand for several reasons. First when stabbing or slashing it is quite easy to lose control of the knife especially when your adrenaline is up and you potentially are dealing with loss of blood which can quickly cause a loss of traction and grip on the handle. However, we are getting ahead of ourselves.

The real question is can you draw and have your weapon ready in time to defend yourself using it? Is it necessary to use it? If it is necessary to use it are you capable of doing so both emotionally and physically? Have you trained to use it and do you understand the affects of a knife on the human body?

A knife is best used to slice through skin especially when one has not trained effectively, causing rapid exsanguination (loss of blood) and eventually death. Some knives are better used as stabbing implements, and when used with precision can cause a much greater concern for the receiver. Obviously, if the other person is armed there are the additional issues that can be caused of course.

The basics are simple really.

  1. Avoid a fight at all costs
  2. Carry what can be concealed and understand the local laws.
  3. Train with others using rubber knives, one martial art I highly recommend is escrima.
  4. Stay alert, always alert, be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  5. Understand you will get cut, likely you will need stitches.
  6. Understand there will be blood, quite a bit.
  7. Train in avoidance, blocking with the outside of your arms and locking the other persons weapon.
  8. Control your weapon, a solid grip with the butt firmly in the palm allows a solid position.
  9. Never underestimate another individual, no one is perfect.
  10. Train, think and always be alert!

Free the mind and the body will follow

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The question of firearms: Education or prohibition

It is a well known fact of criminal justice that education trumps prohibition in almost all ways. Portugal among other countries have decriminalized narcotics and drugs use and have gone the route of educating and treatment with amazing results. However, the money is not in education, for corporations involved and running government the money is in prosecution and so it continues. Regardless, this is an article about firearms.

I think it is important to first establish that all words and language used here will use common definitions. Those found in Merriam Websters or other online dictionaries will suffice. When in doubt, use Merriam Websters. So lets understand the basics of what we are speaking in this article.

  1. Firearm, a weapon from which a shot is discharged by gunpowder.
  2. Weapon, something (such as a gun, knife, club, or bomb) that is used for fighting or attacking someone or for defending yourself when someone is attacking you.
  3. Self Defense, the act of defending yourself, your property, etc. : skills that make you capable of protecting yourself during an attack.
  4. Education, the action or process of teaching someone especially in a school, college, or university.
  5. Prohibition, the act of not allowing something to be used or done.
  6. Treatment, the combating of a disease or disorder, also called therapy. (This definition per the usage of the term)
  7. Religion, a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices.

As a parent, instructor and life long firearms user I am admittedly biased in favor of education with regards to firearms. However, with recent sad events having occurred such as toddlers shooting parents, young girls shooting adults, adults shooting others; there is an emotional difficulty with regards to this topic. Obviously, loss of life in such a manner can be traumatic. However, loss of life in any manner is essentially as traumatic just in different ways. The most important issue surrounding firearms is an emotional one. Excluding war, firearms deaths are not statistically relevant, though they are emotionally relevant.

How does one educate without stomping on the emotional issues that so many have with regards to firearms?

I for one have begun talking to as many people as I can, I offer to take them shooting (free of charge) and show them in a safe, responsible manner how firearms can be beneficial. The largest problem I have found is that people are more apt to reject out of hand that which they have been taught is bad regardless evidence presented. This is the phenomena that exists surrounding all types of religious approaches. You see religion is not just based on a superhuman or god approach, but can be based on a belief that disallows the understanding or questioning of other approaches. This is why so many people cling to the beliefs on all sides of the debate regarding firearms.

My approach is to try and help others understand that to question is right, it is essential to help them understand that questioning is necessary and that facts are also essential.

So for those of you who are against firearms use, educate me as to why this is necessary. But be prepared, I work in facts not in supposition and emotion. And for those who want to retain firearms, use facts, stop using emotional approaches. Sure emotions are fun and getting your stupid arses on the news for carrying loaded AR’s in airports or down the street may be cute but it is counterproductive and further serves to engender additional emotional support against those of us who simply wish to be left alone.

After all, until man realizes they dont need government, we are stuck with this broken, failed and ultimately failed system that ensures control versus freedom.

Free the mind and the body will follow

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